Strawberries – Hanging Basket

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There’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of a freshly picked Strawberry!

Here we have available a hanging basket complete with 4 growing strawberry plants. Simply hang in a sunny space, water daily watch the white flowers appear and grow into succulent red fruit. Just be aware of those little helper hands who may get to them before you do!

A traditional and wonderful variation packed full of flavour and taste. In the spring Honeoye bears delicate white flowers which are replaced later in the season by a heavy crop of brilliant bright red fruit from June onwards. The tasty fruit is great for eating fresh or for cooking with to make desserts or jam.

Everbearer Albion
A great flavoured variety, bearing an abundance of dark-red fruit with a sweet, rich and mouth-watering flavour. Beautiful white flowers appear in spring, followed by the wonderful fruit that is ready for harvesting from June through to October.

A well-loved traditional British variety renowned for the excellent quality and taste of its delicious fruit. It is one of the most popular of the late strawberry varieties. This particular variety will thrive in sunny locations. Between June and late July, this variety produces an impressively heavy crop of delightfully sweet fruits which can be added to jams and desserts or frozen to enjoy once the season has finished.